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Legal Writing

Reviewing the Laws

A long-term project to rework the content of a criminal defense attorney's website


A criminal defense lawyer on Long Island wanted to update his website content. His two primary goals were to provide more details about the areas in which he specializes and to drive more traffic to his site through online searches.

My Approach

The overall structure of the lawyer’s site was clear and effective. My task in this case was to write page-long articles about particular crimes that people might be charged with, the consequences of the charges, and what they can do to protect and defend themselves. To write engaging articles that also employed SEO best practices, I found examples of court cases, assessed competitors’ sites, and wrote copy that stressed my client’s unique skills. My pages quickly started ranking high in online searches and driving more traffic to my client’s site.


My new pages increased traffic to the lawyer’s page by more than 15%, indicating that my SEO techniques had succeeded. In addition, my copy provides clear expectations and understanding for people who are in legal trouble and need a lawyer’s assistance.

Screenshot of a page from the lawyer's website
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